Tigers go down to Cats at Simonds

The Werribee Tigers went down to Geelong at Simonds Stadium in round 1 of the VFL.

Match report to follow. Issac Conway made an impressive debut with his two goals.

Geelong Cats   3.1  5.4  10.7  12.12 (84)
Werribee Tigers   2.1  5.4  9.5  10.6 (66)


Geelong Cats: Read 3 Kersten 3 Kolodjashnij 2 Close  Ruggles  Luxford  McFarlane
Werribee Tigers: Iles 2 Conway 2 Bolton  Norris  Munro  Speight  Maishman  Daw


Geelong Cats: Farrelly Kolodjashnij Gore Kersten Ruggles Read
Werribee Tigers: Crichton Conway Vickers-Willis Wilson Hanson Currie

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