Scott Sherlock 100th Q&A

This Saturday Scott Sherlock will run out at Simonds Stadium to play his 100th senior game for the Werribee Football Club, a club he watched as a young lad with aspirations to eventually don the black and gold as part of his sporting dream. On the eve of this personal milestone, Scott shared his football journey with Kevin Hillier.

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Rd 14 v Port Melbourne Match Report

If you are a fan of the modern game, where the ball is moved at warp factor 9 and the silky skills that are practised day after day are on show, and the pristine state of the ground allows for fast flowing lightning quick end to end football, then suffice to say this game would not have been of any interest to you at all.

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The New Man at the Tigers

The Werribee Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Hellmann to the position of Business Development Manager. The newly created position will help guide the club into the future as big changes take place at Avalon Airport Oval in 2016 and beyond.

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NMFC: Mid-Season Review

North entered a single alignment with Werribee this season, with several Roos-listed players given the opportunity to refine their skills and develop new ones with the VFL squad.

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