Rd 5 V Williamstown Match Report

Timely Win for Tigers

It was not a finish for the faint hearted as Werribee clung on for six agonising minutes to finally record a two point win over arch rivals Williamstown at Avalon Airport Oval.

In those six minutes, which seemed to go forever, the ball went from one end of the ground to the other and fans of both sides held their breath waiting for one side to crack. Everyone was feeling the pressure including Werribee senior coach John Lamont.

“We were under siege, they were coming at us. It got horrifically close but we held on."

Lamont heaped praise on his key defenders.  

"We had some key match ups in defense, McMahon v Dunell, Wilson v Clouston and Mihocek did a lot of good things in the back half Those blokes in defense did a good job, it is a bit of a thankless task at times. It is good to give them some accolades for the roles they played”

Lamont is seeing reward for effort in a couple of areas that the playing group has been working on.

“Most nights we do smothering practice, so we have upped the ante on that area of the game and it is showing. Dan Fraser (Development coach) looks after our tackling drills and he has been working with John Donehue (North Melbourne’s Tackling & Grappling coach), so he has brought back a few ideas that we have been working on during the week.”

While the coach takes no notice of the ladder personally he does see the bright side.

“When I looked at the Herald Sun and saw the ladder, and there we are on top. The coaches and players won’t talk about it, but I thought that’s good for Werribee people, who have been to the game, seen a two point win, and go ‘My team is in top of the ladder’ and that’s terrific”.

Werribee will host Frankston this Sunday with the Development game at 11am followed by the seniors at 2pm.

Quarter Time Scores and Goal Kickers:

2015 Peter Jackson VFL
Werribee Tigers: 2.3 8.7 10.9 14.12 (96)
Williamstown: 4.4 6.4 8.10 14.10 (94)

Werribee Tigers: Daw 3 Iles 2 Fordham Reid Currie Hussey Sharp Hanson Bolton Sherlock Munro
Williamstown: Dunell 2 Dorgan 2 Gallucci 2 Anastasio 2 Conway Masters Clouston Marcon Critchley Meese

Werribee Tigers: Wilson McMahon Hanson Currie Mihocek Fordham
Williamstown: Marcon Banner Fahey Chisari Gibbons Masters

2015 AFL Victoria Development League
Werribee Tigers: 3.1 6.4 8.5 9.6 (60)
Williamstown: 6.1 10.2 14.5 16.9 (105)

Werribee Tigers: Christensen 3 Stretton Helliwell Wallace Wales Krithararis Kolang
Williamstown: Curtis 3 Bese 2 Merlo 2 Walshe 2 Greiser Myers Johnstone McMahon Davies Heaver Walker

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