Round 11 Teams: Sandringham vs Werribee

Seven new players are among the possible lineup for Werribee's round 11 fixture against Sandringham.

Jy Simpkin, Lindsay Thomas, Ben McKay, and Josh Corbett have been added to the VFL squad for Sunday's clash with the Zebras at Trevor Barker Beach Oval, with Sam Durdin, Josh Williams, and captain Michael Sodomaco again in the mix for a senior spot after being named in the initial team for last weekend's match against Footscray.

Dom Brew will line up for his third and final game as 23rd man, while Mitchell Hibberd, Corey Wagner, and the injured Max Augerinos have been omitted.

2017 Peter Jackson VFL
Sandringham vs Werribee
Sunday, June 2
2pm at Trevor Barker Beach Oval, Sandringham

 B  2. Matthew Munro  91. Lachlan Hansen  60. Nick Buykx 
 HB   83. Sam Wright  26. Daniel Nielson   12. Ryley Barrack 
   37. Will Fordham  11. Matthew Hanson   10. Joe Maishman 
 HF   76. Jed Anderson  22. Sam Durdin   21. Jy Simpkin 
 F  78. Lindsay Thomas  40. Nick Larkey  44. Cam Zurhaar
 R  31. Braydon Preuss  4. Tom Gribble  7. Dane McFarlane
 Int  46. Matthew Taylor  23. Ben McKay  3. Michael Sodomaco
   58. Louis Pinnuck  32. Josh Corbett  36. Josh Williams
   18. Jade Cleeland  5. Jordan Jones  
 23P  29. Dom Brew    


2017 AFL Victoria Development League
Sandringham vs Werribee
Sunday, June 2
11am at Trevor Barker Beach Oval, Sandringham

 B  79. Luke McLeod  16. Brad Xavier   15. Billy Iles 
 HB   1. Brydon Hodgson  48. Nick Meredith  54. Bevan Shelley 
   62. Isaac Miller  27. Ethan Petterwood  59. Brandon Houlihan 
 HF   36. Josh Williams  5. Jordan Jones   58. Louis Pinnuck 
 F  32. Josh Corbett  23. Ben McKay  18. Jade Cleeland
 R  30. Kyle Galloway  3. Michael Sodomaco  46. Matthew Taylor
 Int  55. Daniel Foley  69. Anthony Liberatore  53. Tom Jeffries
   65. Spiros Amarantidis  61. Harry Kershaw  8. Harrison King
   80. Jake Edwards  86. Mitchell Hodgetts  

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